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This   book   was   written   by   a   team of    local    people    led    by    Douglas Clinton who edited the text. Among   those   who   worked   on   the book were: Margaret Cooke, Sproxton Elizabeth Exton, Buckminster Anne Goodacre Michael Goodacre Carol Hopcroft Philippa Jessop, Sproxton Gill Leigh, Sproxton Inge Lewis Jill MacPherson, Buckminster Eileen Mazure, Buckminster Mike Reed Annie Stockwell, Sproxton Rosie Thompson Enid Woodcock, Buckminster Other   Acknowledgements   can   be     found here   Click   here   for   the   contents    listing (This    has    links    to    the    different chapters.) Please   note:   This   is   a   huge   page with   many   pages   of   the   book   one on   top   of   the   other.      If   the   link   to contents   does   not   appear   to   work it   is   because   the   whole   book   must be   downloaded   to   your   computer before   the   link   will   work.      Please be patient.

When Bacon was Sixpence a Pound (Victorian Life in Buckminster, Sewstern

and Sproxton)