The Crown Inn

When I first came to the village in 1977 beer in the Crown was served over a half door straight from the cellar and favoured customers were invited into Bill and Clara Bennett’s front room to finish their drinks if the hour was getting late. Ray and Olive Bennett carried on the tradition for a number of years but things have changed now. The front room is now the main bar, and the battleship grey settle has been stripped of its gloss paint and is now showing its natural pine colouring. Much to my surprise I received this email on 18 February 2006: Your description of the Crown in the 70's rang a bell with me.It was a truly a memorable evening to visit , with the many ederly village characters playing 'alfpenny knock round the fireside. To enjoy a pint with my relatives in the village local was always a  Saturday evening treat.  Sometimes there was even the game of skittles going in the back alley. Progress seems to have destroyed that, such that today during my rapid fire trips thro'  I unfortunately miss the quieter times. Perhaps on my next visit I can once again enjoy a pint and remember Billy's whistle when he asked your pleasure. Thanks for letting me remember . David K. Parker Belwood ,Ontario, Canada The Crown’s own web site can be found at
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