The Methodist Chapel

The Methodist chapel was built in 1865 and remained in Sproxton for a further one hundred and thirty years. The following is quoted from “Preserved by Power Divine” a publication collected and compiled by George H Hickinbotham to commemorate the centenary of the building of the Methodist Chapel. “The Methodist Chapel occupies a commanding position at that end of the main street. “The land around this part of the county is rich in ironstone and extensive quarrying is still in progress. A belt of limestone and brown sandstone also runs through the area, which accounts for a preponderance of stone built houses. In the year of 1803, when the Grantham Methodists built their first chapel in Finkin Street, and became the head of a new circuit of seventeen societies, one of them was at Sproxton and this is where our story really begins.” Click for the full transcript. The chapel no longer stands in Sproxton.   It was carefully demolished in the 1990’s , packed up in containers and taken to the United States of America.  It was then rebuilt as the university chapel of the Methodist Universty of Baldwin. There are some photos of it in its American home here and a link to the Baldwin University site here
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