An Introduction to the Village             Privacy   A small village in rural Leicestershire in the Framland deanery, there are about eighty houses in the parish and some of the usual services. We have a church, St Bartholomew's, and a pub, The Crown Inn, but no village shop and no Post Office. We do, however, boast a letterbox on what was the post office until 1999 and a bus stop at which buses stop somewhat infrequently.   Wandering about the village will soon bring to your notice, nearly opposite the pub, a small memorial garden. This was the site of the Methodist Chapel until 1997 when it was taken down, stone by stone, and shipped off to Baker University in Kansas where, I might add, it looks wonderful and is well used.  The university is very proud of its acquisition.  A quick trawl through the Baker University  web site will reveal a little information about it.  It is known as the Osborne Chapel (This is a link to the relevant page).   You will find a school building, which is now used as the village hall. Primary school aged children usually go to Croxton Kerrial which is about three miles away, but some parents choose to send their children to Buckminster. There are views of the village which have been taken over the years by different villagers.
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