Melton to Oakham Canal

Site design and build: Nick Cooke
Melton and Oakham Waterways Society Registered charity number: 1078752

Oakham End Group

  Ever   mindful   of   its   cross   county   commitments   MOWS   is   looking   to   the   residents   of   Rutland   to   help create a Rutland group to consider how to develop the remaining parts of the Oakham Canal. Although   some   parts   of   the   canal   are   no   longer   obvious   and   few   of   the   local   footpaths   actually   follow its   line,   the   stretch   between   Oakham   and   Ashwell   offers   the   possibility   of   opening   an   attractive   walk and   clearing   those   sections   of   the   canal   which   are   still   in   water.   With   the   support   of   the   local   council and   landowners,      it   could   probably   be   developed   as   a   nature   conservation   walk   for   local   people.      The Oakham Angling   Society   has   already   cleared   a   substantial   section   near Ashwell   with,   we   understand, funding from the National Lottery. One   of   our   members,   who   was   born   and   attended   school   in   the   area,   is   very   keen   to   develop   this   idea and   has   agreed   to   help   us   make   progress.      We   have   held   three   work   parties   on   the   Oakham   Canal   to date clearing the section adjacent the housing estate in Oakham. Please contact Paul Dadford  if you would like more information.