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The picture (left) shows the original Junction Bridge which was replaced with the concrete bridge that was familiar to us until the middle of October 2012. It had no navigable headroom.  The lack of headroom to navigate any but the smallest boats was one problem.  The other was that access to the bridge was by flights of steps making it impossible for wheelchair users. 
In the background of the photograph to the left you can see the Isolation Hospital at Old Junction, Syston. This was sited at a later date where the brick building appears in the first photograph.

Replacement of the Bridge

The artists impression to the right, drawn by Brian Hollingshead, shows our idea of a replacement bridge.  It could be made of wood, with ramped access both ends. This will be a fitting gateway to our river. This project was ear-marked for 2012 so, as planning permission was sought, MOWS worked closely with Sustrans to ensure our ideas were incorporated into the design.  The actual building of the bridge started in the middle of October 2012 An update on the latest news can be found on the next page.
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Junction Bridge